Buyus Draw and Write Tablet Review

Direct link to purchase:

The buyus travel size draw and write table is functional and my kids enjoy using it buuuut there is room for improvement. Want to check it out on video? Look up my review on youtube: Rae-ving Rae-views.  I am going to go over the good and not so good below:

Good: *Kids enjoy it   *Decent size for a travel item   *Colorful drawing/lettering   *easy to use stylus and eraser bar.

Not so good: *It is a dollar store looking table (wouldn’t pay their $49.99 price tag. The $12.95 is ok but still can get a larger magna doodle for close to the same price)   *The screen moves   *The small magnet doodlers don’t really click to lock in so kids using it won’t push down hard enough to lock them in   *Magnet doodlers are small so be careful if it’s around little kids   *The lighter colors on the board are kind of tough to see at times

Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. These thoughts are my own and are not influenced by seller or price I paid in any way.


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