iRulu baby pad tablet Review

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The Irulu baby tablet is a very appropriate tablet for children. My 4 year old navigates her way through the tablet well and my 2 year old asks when she wants to talk to Elmo. The tablet comes with a nice silicone case. I received the blue one but I believe there’s a pink one as well. I like the case. It’s not terrible for a parent to take off and put on but the kids can’t take it off. I also like that the edges of the case have extra padding on them and are kind of built up.

I will say that upon start up there is music that plays and it’s slightly loud. At least I find it a little loud. The tablet itself is child friendly. My kiddos navigate through it without an issue. It also makes it easier for parents to put only certain apps on the tablet and to make sure that things stay age/kid appropriate. If you’re looking for a kid tablet, this is a great price for one and it really is good for kids. I’d say up to age 8-10. I think over age 10 they’d think this was too baby-ish.

disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased reviews. These thoughts are my own and are not influenced by seller or price in any way



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