Huhuhero Raffine Colored Pencils

Direct link to purchase:

The huhuhero raffine colored pencils are awesome! You receive 72 shades of colored pencils. I know you must be thinking there are duplicates but there are not. Makes an amazing set for blending and shading. Check out my YouTube Rae-ving Rae-views to see these in action! This is perfect for anyone- child to adult, beginner to artist.

These are oil based so the color goes on smoothly and effortlessly. The tips of the pencils have not broken despite us using them for a week and sharpening them way too much where a normal pencils tip would break. The pencils are a silver color with the actual color of the pencil on the end piece so you are always sure what color you are picking up. As my video shows, the more pressure you apply, the darker the color goes on and vice versa.

This set also comes with 2 carrying cases for the pencils. The stitching is well done and these are a great option to have. Each case holds 36 pencils. Great if you want to split up the pencils or if you’d rather have them rolled up. May also be easier to carry. I prefer mine in the box right now so little hands don’t get in to them. Another great aspect of the carrying case is you can roll them up or you can hang them so if you’re an artist and want stuff hung for better access, this works well.

I’d give these 2 thumbs up! You get a lot of product for the money here. If you’re paying full price it can be pricey but when they have their sales ($36 right now!) it’s a steal for what you get. Disclaimer: I received this product discounted or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. These thoughts are my own and are not influenced by the seller or price I paid in any way.


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