iRulu 9″ tablet review

The irulu tablet is a great tablet and an equally great value. Please check out my YouTube: Rae-Ving Rae-Views for a full visual of this product. I feel that this tablet is good for children and adults. It’s an android based tablet and it runs as well as my husbands more expensive name brand android tablet. This has a huge screen! 9″. It’s seriously a great size. One of my favorite features is that the volume buttons are on the actual screen as well as on the side of the tablet. I hate using tablets and I end up shutting the tablet off instead of increasing or decreasing the volume. This eliminates that problem and it’s easy to use this feature.

This comes with a screen protector already on it, definitely a plus. The back of this tablet is white, the front is black. I downloaded apps and playing around heavily on the tablet to see what the battery life would be at. The battery lasts a fairly good amount of time! I was surprised that it takes about 2 days to need recharging. I have Amazon prime so I watched a few prime videos that come free with the membership and the picture is vibrant and clear. The sound is awesome on it as well.

It feels pretty sturdy and well made. As I said, this is a great value. It’s an excellent tablet for anyone but especially for a kiddo. We can’t wait to bring this one on vacation with us this spring on the airplane. I definitely need to get a case and keyboard for the stuff I do on it but it’s great for the littles to watch movies or shows on. Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. These thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the seller or price.

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