Columbia Tiny Bear Bunting II

Look at this! How can you not love it?! Being ridiculously adorable aside, this is an amazing little bunting suit for kiddos. I was looking for something that was going to keep my little one warm and still thin enough to be able to use in her car seat. It’s a cold Massachusetts winter. She’s been super warm in this going from house to car from car to daycare and back. It has been 20 degrees (lower with wind chill). Definitely not suitable to play in snow with but we bought a snow suit for that. Also awesome is that this comes with the hands and feet that are able to fold over like mittens and slippers. So spring days or tiny babies without shoes this would work well for. Best part of this little bunting is that the hood is pretty well fitting so they can’t rip it off like mine always does! Love this feature on this item! I do wish that the zipper on this would go all the way down the leg or straight down the bottom to make it easier to take off and put on while trying to her the kids in and out of daycare but not a huge deal! This busy mama of 2 give this 2 huge thumbs up! If you’re thinking of purchasing, do it. You won’t regret it.

Direct Link to Purchase:


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