Chillipepperstone 12 rock mineral collectors kit

This is a great kit! I feel like this is for anyone from A beginner to a collector. Also great for educational purposes if you’re a teacher buying your own things or if you home school. It comes packaged nicely in a plastic type box so that the minerals don’t all fall out. On the inside of the package it shows a nice visual on how the mineral is formed. The inside gives you information about the minerals like their hard/softness while the inside gives you information on each mineral in the pack.

Each of these minerals are gorgeous. They each have their own qualities. They all are equally amazing. In this kit you 12 minerals and not all of them you normally see in these types of kits. In this kit you receive talc, Quartz, feldspar, sericite, hematite, fluorite, malachite, realgar, chalcopyrite, Pyrite, orpiment and Iceland spar.

This really is a great kit and my 4 year old, who loves gemstones and minerals and rocks is ga-ga over this kit. If you aren’t aware, please be careful when you pick up one or two of the minerals because the powder will get on your hands. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest and unbiased review.

Direct Link to Purchase:


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